We provide Plant Collections suitable for gardens, naturalizing or  smaller restoration projects.  We do not ship live plants.
To insure availability, please ask for a quote and order ahead.


1.  Plug Trays - Perennials  - $49
Species may be mixed in trays 

(Click here for species list) 




Meadow Perennials – seedling pots/plugs - (tray - 3” pots X 18)  (species may be mixed in a tray)


end of May-Jul

  • Date of availability depends on species (e.g. many Prairie grasses are warm season and don’t start growth until temperatures warm in mid-May).  The more lead time we have for your project, the more easily we can time the plants to be available when you need them.
  • To reserve trays for 2018 - email or call (613-968-4643)


2. Ontario Meadow Collection - $99

          32 Plugs/pots (2-3 grass species, 11-12 wildflower species);  Covers approx 120-160 sq. ft  (11-15 sq. m) 

  1.             Hardy in Eastern Ontario;  Attract birds/butterflies

             Available late May to early July - Contact us for ordering or customizing for your site
 Species (sample mix - may be customized)
 Sample Mix #1
Short-Medium (40-100cm)
Sample Mix #2
Medium-Tall (100cm+)
 (Big Bluestem) Andropogon gerardii   x  Grass
 (Switch Grass) Panicum virgatum x  Grass
 (Little Bluestem) Schizachyrium scoparium x    Grass
 (Indiangrass) Sorghastrum nutans   x  Grass
 (Heath Aster) Aster ericoides x    White
 (New England Aster) Aster novae-angliae   x  Blue/Purple
 (Azure Aster) Aster oolentangiense x    Blue/Purple
 (Arrow-leaved Aster) Aster urophyllus   x  White
 (Anise Hyssop) Agastache foeniculum x    Violet
 (Tall Coreopsis) Coreopsis tripteris   x  Yellow
(Lance-leaf Coreopsis) Coreopsis lanceolata x   Yellow
 (Showy Tick Trefoil) Desmodium canadense x    Pink
 (Prairie Coneflower) Echinacea pallida x x  Pink
 (Joe-pye Weed) Eupatorium maculatum   x  Rose
 (Oxeye) Heliopsis helianthoides   x  Yellow
 (Blazing Star) Liatris sp. x    Pink/Purple
 (Wild Bergamot) Monarda fistulosa x    Pink
 (Foxglove Penstemon) Penstemon digitalis  x    White
 (Hairy Beardtongue) Penstemon hirsutus x    Mauve
 (Mountain Mint) Pycnanthemum virginianum x    White
 (Obedient Plant) Physostegia virginiana   x Violet
 (Gray-headed Coneflower) Ratibitda pinnata   x  Yellow
 (Brown-eyed Susan) Rudbeckia hirta x x  Yellow
 (Cup Plant) Silphium perfoliatum   x  Yellow
 (Culver's Root) Veronicastrum virginicum   x  White
 (Ironweed) Vernonia spp   x purple


3. Ontario Pond/Shoreline Collection - $99


  • 32 Plugs/pots (5 sedge/rush/grass species, 7-10 wildflower species)Covers approx 120-160 sq. ft  (11-15 sq. m) 
  • Hardy in Eastern Ontario ideal for naturalizing;  Attract birds/butterflies
  • Helps stabilize shorelines; will self seed
  •  Available late May to early July - Contact us for ordering or customizing for your site

Sample species mix (subject to change)

 Asclepias incarnata (Swamp Milkweed)  Aster puniceus (Swamp Aster)  Aster umbellatus (Flat-topped Aster)
 Carex lupulina (Hop Sedge)  Carex lurida (Sallow Sedge) Helianthus gigantea  (Tall Sunflower)
 Carex vulpinoidea (Fox Sedge)  Chelone glabra (Turtlehead)  Elymus canadensis (Canada Wild Rye)
 Eupatorium maculatum (Joe-pye Weed)  Eupatorium perfoliatum (Boneset)  Gentiana andrewsii (Bottle Gentian)
 Iris versicolor (Blue Flag)  Helenium autumnale (Helenium)  Juncus effusus (Soft Rush)
 Verbena hastata (Blue Vervain)  Lobelia cardinalis (Cardinal Flower)  Mimulus ringens Monkey Flower
 Rudbeckia laciniata (Cut-leaf Coneflower)  Scirpus atrovirens (Green Bulrush)  Scirpus cyperinus (Wool-grass Bulrush)
 Scirpus pendula (Rufous Bulrush)  Thalictrum pubescens (Tall Meadow Rue)   Salix species (Willow) -optional shrub


4.  Woodland Collection - $120


  • 32 Plugs/pots (10-12 wildflower species)Covers approx 120-160 sq. ft  (11-15 sq. m) 
  • Native, perennial plants hardy in Eastern Ontario ideal for naturalizing in shade/part shade;  best suited for a deciduous or mixed woodland with moisture in spring
  • Available late May to early July - Contact us for ordering or customizing for your site
Sample species (subject to change)
 Asarum canadense (Wild Ginger) Trillium grandiflorum (White Trillium)  Tiarella cordifolia  (Foamflower)
Phlox divaricata (Woodland Blue Phlox) Mertensia virginiaca (Virginia Bluebells)  Polygonatum biflorum (Solomon's Seal)
Smilacena racemosa (False Solomon's Seal) Arisaema triphyllum (Jack-in-the-pulpit) Ferns (various species available)
Viola spp (Woodland Violets) Waldsteinia fragarioides (Barren Strawberry)  Stylophorum diphyllum (Yellow Wood Poppy)
Polemonium reptans (Jacob's Ladder)  Aster cordifolius (Heart-leaved Aster)  Thalictrum dioicum (Early Meadow Rue)